Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Old Do I have to be to participate ?

Due to the Variety of items we review, and varying laws state to state, we require viewers to be 21 Years of age or older and a Legal Resident of the United States.

How Do I Know When My Webinar is Scheduled ?

Go to your account Dashboard and you will find the link to the webinars that you have purchased. You can also find this information in your email. 

You Will Receive an email notifying you prior to the start of your webinar.

Webinars are Scheduled as they Fill. Most Webinars Run within 48 hours after they fill.

Do I Have to be watching the Webinar Live to be chosen for a free gift ?

No, you do not have to be watching live. If your name is chosen you will still receive the free gift even if you are not able to attend the live webinar.

What is a Preview ?

A Preview is a Brief Introduction to a Product.  One Lucky Seat Holder from Each Preview is Randomly Selected to Receive a Free Seat on the Full Webinar.

My seat was chosen in a preview. What should I do next ?

Go to the Main Webinar, Place your seat in the cart, and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

I was chosen to receive a free gift from a webinar. Now what ?

If the item IS NOT a FFL Item it will ship directly to your address provided in your account. You will be able to find tracking information in your Account Dashboard once the item leaves the warehouse. 

If the item is a FFL item it will ship to the FFL You Provide in your account Dashboard.

Your Tracking info will also be provided in your account dashboard once your item ships.